Mobile DJ & Entertainment

Mobile DJ & Entertainment

Are you looking for the best talent to keep your event at it’s best. We are specialists in the following events.

  • Wedding/Engagement Ceremonies
  • Corporate Events
  • Parties
  • Funerals
  • All Events – requiring a DJ

We play all genres of music and will adapt the play list to fit perfectly with your event’s specific needs. All you need to do is describe the nature of event, invited demographic, location and we will make sure your event will become memorable.

* Professional DJ with extensive experience in live venues & events.
* 100,000+ music collection all at CD quality.
* Music styles & genres tailored prior to your event.
* Requests can be taken on night.
* Able to read the audience & play for the crowd.
* Can easily work with & alongside bands/solo/duo artists etc.
* Reliable, friendly & professional at every event.
* At all events the DJ is smartly dressed for the right occasion.
* Excellent value for money.
* Full time DJ available 7 Days a week.
* High Quality & Industry Standard equipment

Please choose from the Options below or speak to us for more details.

Call/WhatsApp +233241428475/+233242534694

Main DJ System for every event:
* State of the art professional DJ & live Mixer
* Laptop with required software & External Hard Drive with Backup
* 2 Numark CD players
* Well equipped Mobile Case with 2 extendable tables
* Shure Professional mics for announcements
* 5000VA Digital Voltage Regulator 

* Enough Audio XLR, RCA cables & Power cables

ASK-TK Sounds DJ Services

ASK-TK Sounds

ASK-TK Sounds

Option 1

Room 60 guests
• 1000W PA System •
2 x Full-Range Speakers on tripod
2 x Bass Speakers (Optional)
*Duration: upto 6 hours
*Price: GHS1,000

Option 2 (Standard Package)

Small/Medium Room, 100+ guests
• 4,500W PA System •
2 x Full-Range Speakers
2 x  Subwoofers

Duration: upto 6 hours

*Price: GHS1,500

Option 3

Large Room, Large Hall, 200+ guests.
• 5,500W PA System •
3x Full-Range Speakers
3x Subwoofer

Duration: upto 6 hours

*Price: GHS2,000

Option 4

Large Room, Large Hall, 400+ guests.
• 6,000W PA System •
4 x Full-Range Speakers
4 x Subwoofers

Duration: upto 6 hours

*Price: GHS2,500

Option 5

Very Large Room, Large Hall, 600+ guests.
• 8,000W+ PA System •
4+ x Full-Range Speakers
4+ x Dual Subwoofers

Duration: upto 6 hours

*Price: GHS3,000

There are other customized options based on your needs. Line Arrays plus Digital Mixer options, etc.
From GHS3,500


We can also customize based on your needs. Just Call/WhatsApp us on the following;