PA Systems Hire

PA Systems

We have state of the art Public Address Systems for your Gigs, Concerts, Gospel Shows, Evangelism and other Church Events, bands and other events. You only need to tell us what you want and you will get more than what you ASKED for!

Price starts from GHc2,500.

We stock a large variety of gears for your large events…..

Fafa Praiz 2018 setup

Fafa Praiz 2018 setup

PA Systems

PA Systems

Some of our speakers

Some of our speakers

DSC09258 Pearl Target Drum SetDSC09253 DSC09206 24-channels-audio-link-snake-cable-on-stage-box-reel Reaching The Altar 2017 behringer-ultrabass

Live Event Speaker Setup

Live Event Speaker Setup

Large Corporate Functions/Live Indoor or Outdoor events. Guests 600+
• 10000W+ PA System

• Mixing Console

• 4 sets of Monitor Speakers

• 4 x JBL SRX725 – Extreme Resolution Speakers

• 4 x EV 215 – Dual 15″ 2-Way Speakers

• 2 x Peavey PV 215 Dual 15″ 2-Way Speakers

• 2x JBL SRX728S Dual 18” Subwoofer 2 Way Bass Reflex

• 4 x Tremor T-118B – Subwoofers

• Set of microphones

• Audio Links

• 1 x Base Guitar & Combo

• 1 x Keyboard & Combo

• Set of Drums

• Relevant Accessories

Duration: Let’s discuss

This can also be customized based on needs

*Price: From GHS2,500

Call us or WhatsApp Us on any of these numbers, to place your order

**You can also RENT any individual machine at a cost as low as GHC100.00**

0241428475, 0242534694, 0272670151, 0205848189

Retail Option
A small PA speaker to keep customers & staff happy with lower volume levels and amazing clarity for speech and musical reproduction, the medium sized speakers are perfect for audio visual presentations where sound quality and size is paramount. We can also fix sound on vehicles for trade promotions, campaigns, etc

All hire requirements to be discussed and confirmed prior to booking. All Hires are subject to our conditions of hire, copies of which are available on request.

* Prices and package options are subject to changes without notice.